Flower export from the netherlands

FlorFlowers is your flower agent in the heart of the biggest flower trading centre in the world.


Get in contact with high quality flower traders and exporters, buy your fresh cut flowers straight from the source. We are stationed in Aalsmeer right across the famous flower auction, we have our contacts and we will introduce you to right persons.

Specify your needs and tell us what you're looking for. The more information you give the better we can connect you to the right flower exporter

Based upon the information provided we will make a match with the flower exporter that suits your needs. We have 600 flower exporters in our network to make a perfect match.

We will talk to the right persons and share your information.

Be prepared, after we have shared your information with our contacts things will start to happen. 

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Your agent in the hart of the biggest flower industry

FlorFlowers is your direct link to the beating heart of the Dutch flower industry. We speak the language, we know the people and we eat their food. Our goal is making the right match, we are selective, we love quality, a good price and go for a top service. We think our clients like that too.

Flower exporters from the Netherlands

"20 million flowers move through Aalsmeer every day, billions of flowers each year. The flowers are brought in from Dutch growers and from growers in Israel, Kenya, South Africa, South America and beyond. Once sold at Aalsmeer the flowers are then exported to all points around the world."